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Assisting Persecution Victims Seeking Asylum and Refugee Status

I am committed to providing legal counsel and representation to individuals and families seeking to avoid persecution in their native lands. I can work with you to gather the evidence necessary to make a strong showing that asylum should be granted. To be eligible for asylum, you must show that you are a “refugee.”  To be a “refugee,” you must show:

  • You are outside your home country and not willing to return.
  • You have been persecuted in your native country (or have a well-founded fear of future persecution) and that persecution is based on your race, religion, nationality or ethnic group, political opinion(s), or membership in a specific social group.
  • You have filed for asylum within one year of entering the United States (or can provide reasons – such as changed circumstances in your native country – for not applying within one year).
  • You yourself have not persecuted anyone.

Delivering strong advocacy for prospective asylum

Even when evidence of brutal behavior exists, obtaining asylum within the United States is a long and complex process. I handle the technical requirements as well as the investigation to help prove that your fears of persecution are not only well-founded, but are based on the grounds that establish your legal eligibility for asylum. I will present your strongest possible case before the immigration judge and work relentlessly to help you win asylum and eventually receive Lawful Permanent Resident status (= the “green card”).

If residence in another country poses a threat to you or someone you know, I can evaluate your situation and discuss the available options. Call me at 424-835-9247 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.