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Edward Steven Reisman



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Author: “Federal ‘Export Trading Company’ Program Removes Many Anti-Trust Hurdles for American Exporters,” Bulletin of the Eastern Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce, October 1992; “The Absence of a Common Descent Myth for Russia,” Russian History, 1988; “The Cult of Boris and Gleb,” Russian Review,1978. Attorney/Consultant, HIAS/Council Services, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2000. Assistant District Counsel, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Los Angeles, California, 1996-1999.  United State Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., Attorney, Office of the Chief Counsel for Import Administration, 1992-1996 and Attorney-Advisor, Honors Program, 1991-1993,  Attorney-Advisor, Office of the United States Trade Representative, 1992. Attorney-Advisor and Law Clerk, 1990 and 1991-1992, Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce.